TMP – Key Features

Specific Features

By correlating the information during production with bar codes or RFID, TMP can be associated to specific objects.
Instead of a traditional label, TMP can be the innovative tag combined to the object on sale by an anchored security system.
Data Management
The managing of data, that can be acquired through various brands, will also help identify VIP customers/buyers and offer services with high-added value to other different brands.
TMP - Tag Memory Pen
Security Chip
Characterized by a unique number, which will be shown in case the good needed checking for a possible sale in the second-hand market.
Luxury Gadget
After the authentication process and thanks to a specific function, unlocks access to the memory chip, turning into a normal USB pen, externally customized by the adopting Brand.
Customer Database
The TMP system allows to create or expand a customers data base, by asking the customer, in the course of the authentication phase, to fill in a form required for warranty.